Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Police - Outlandos D'Amour[1978]

The album starts off with "Next To You", a punk number with a slide guitar solo in the middle. "So Lonely", a song about loneliness with a reggae beat follows. "Roxanne", about a prostitute, was written by Sting after visiting a red-light district in Paris and is (along with "Every Breath You Take") one of the Police's best-known songs. It is followed by "Hole in My Life", another reggae-type song about loneliness, and "Peanuts", a Sting-Stewart Copeland collaboration with a strong punk influence. "Can't Stand Losing You" and "Truth Hits Everybody", a pair of ominous songs detailing love gone wrong, begin Side Two of the original LP. "Born in the 50's", which is about the experiences of Sting and Copeland's generation (Andy Summers was born in 1942), and "Be My Girl -- Sally", a combination of a half-finished song sung by Sting, and a short Andy Summers poem about a blowup doll (one of the rare songs with Andy on lead vocals). This leads into the album's semi-instrumental closer, "Masoko Tanga".
Police manager Miles Copeland III originally wanted to name the album Police Brutality. However, after hearing "Roxanne" and then envisioning a more romantic image for the band, he proposed Outlandos d'Amour instead. This title was derived from "Outlaws of Love", which was merged with the word "commandos" and then given an exotic-sounding French translation.

1.Next to You" – 2:50
2.So Lonely" – 4:49
3.Roxanne" – 3:12
4.Hole in My Life" - 4:52
5.Peanuts" (Sting, Stewart Copeland) – 3:58
6.Can't Stand Losing You" – 2:58
7.Truth Hits Everybody" – 2:53
8.Born in the 50's" – 3:40
9.Be My Girl - Sally" (Andy Summers, Sting) – 3:22
10.Masoko Tanga" – 5:40


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