Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dire Straits-On The Night[1993]

On the Night is the second live album by Dire Straits. It was released in 1993, after Alchemy which was released in 1984 and Live at the BBC which while released in 1995 was recorded much earlier. It features many of their later hits, including the successful singles "Walk of Life" and "Money for Nothing." "On the Night" is a collection of recordings from two different concerts during the On Every Street tour.
The musical virtuosity of all players can clearly be heard, and the album also makes best use of Paul Franklin's pedal steel guitar skills, and Chris White's saxophone solos. These two musicians had previously appeared on the album On Every Street; On the Night highlights their talents more prominently.

1.Calling Elvis
2.Walk of Life
3.Heavy Fuel
4.Romeo and Juliet
5.Private Investigations
6.Your Latest Trick
7.On Every Street
8.You and Your Friend
9.Money for Nothing" (Knopfler, Sting)
10.Brothers in Arms

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