Thursday, December 11, 2008

Depeche Mode-A Broken Frame

A Broken Frame is Depeche Mode's second proper studio album and was released on September 27, 1982. This record was written in the absence of Vince Clarke after his departure to form Yazoo with singer Alison Moyet. Alan Wilder was part of a second tour in the United Kingdom occurring prior to the release of this album, but he had not officially joined the band, and thus, does not appear on the album.A Broken Frame never aged well with the band, possibly due to Martin Gore being thrust into position of chief songwriter after Clarke's departure. (Gore would eventually hone his songwriting skills to become Depeche Mode's sole album songwriter from 1986 to 2001). In the documentary that appears on the DVD that came with the 2006 reissue, Gore describes the record as "our worst album". None of the singles had long-term success compared to most of Depeche Mode's other albums' singles. At the time of their releases/debut show, A Broken Frame was the only album not represented on 101 and Remixes 81 - 04. Prior to 2006, the last song from the album to be played live was "Leave In Silence" in 1986. There have been rumours that the song was going to be played live in Depeche Mode's cancelled 2002 tour. Mr. Wilder wanted "The Sun & The Rainfall" to be played during the Devotional Tour in 1993, but the idea was not supported by any of the other band members. "Leave in Silence" finally made its return, as an acoustic rendition, in a Paris Touring the Angel show in February 2006.A special limited edition live album based on A Broken Frame recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on the 25th October 1982 was also released early in 1983 which also included a special 12" version of Get The Balance Right on the B-Side.

1.Leave in Silence" – 4:51
2.My Secret Garden" – 4:46
3.Monument" – 3:15
4.Nothing to Fear" – 4:18
5.See You" – 4:34
6.Satellite" – 4:44
7.The Meaning of Love" – 3:06
8.A Photograph of You" – 3:04
9.Shouldn't Have Done That" – 3:12
10.The Sun and the Rainfall" – 5:02

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