Saturday, February 21, 2009


Next Time is a Macedonian rock duo from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The duo is consisted of two brothers and twins, Martin and Stefan Filipovski. Stefan Filipovski fronts the band as the lead singer, while Martin Filipovski plays the guitar and sings back-up vocals. The duo has only been known by the name Next Time since the beginning of 2008; previously they took parts in garage bands and child music festivals. With the release of their first album also called Next Time in only 8 months, they gained popularity and are now an important part of the Macedonian music scene.
  1. Bez tebe tivko umiram
  2. Caruzo
  3. Izguben
  4. Me mislis li
  5. Me ostavi sam da ziveam
  6. Milion
  7. Nemam ni glas
  8. Nemoj da places za kraj
  9. Nesakam da razberam
  10. Ne veruvam vo tebe
  11. Sleden Pat
  12. Sekoj za sebe
  13. Why did you go

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bon Jovi-This Left Feels Right[2003]

This Left Feels Right is a Bon Jovi studio album with new versions of Bon Jovi songs from previous albums. It was released in 2003. It was like a "trip down memory lane" as Jon Bon Jovi likes to put it[citation needed]. It has acoustic versions of many of Bon Jovi's biggest hits. Many of the 80's hard hitting chart-rockers are presented in a different light as soulful ballads. This Left Feels Right has sold 549,727 copies in the US (Jul 07).

The 2003 rendition of "Wanted Dead Or Alive" also had a promotional video produced, which had the same format as "Wanted 2001", the single for the One Wild Night live album.

For the Russian and CIS release Olivia D'Abo's part in Livin' On A Prayer was recorded by Russian superstar Alsou in Bon Jovi studio. This version was played on Russian radiostations to promote the release and got great reviews by Bon Jovi fans, but Olivia's version appeared on Russian CD due to Universal Music Russia decision.

Lost Highway
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Livin On A Prayer
Bad Medicine
Lay Your Hands On Me
You Give Love A Bad Name
Bed Of Roses
Born To Be My Baby
Keep The Faith
Ill Be There For You


High School Musicial3 - Senior Year[Soundtracks] [2008]

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the third installment in Disney's High School Musical film franchise. Its theatrical release in the United States began on October 24, 2008. Kenny Ortega returned as director and choreographer, as did all six primary actors.

This latest sequel follows high school seniors Troy and Gabriella, who are faced with the ultimate prospect of being separated after graduating from East High. Joined by the rest of their Wildcat friends, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes, and fears about the future.

In spite of receiving mixed reviews, in its first three days of release, High School Musical 3: Senior Year grossed $42 million in North America and an additional $40 million overseas, breaking the record for the largest opening weekend for a musical film.

Now or Never
Right Here, Right Now
I Want It All
Can I Have This Dance
A Night to Remember
Just Wanna Be with You
The Boys Are Back
Walk Away
Senior Year Spring Musicial
We're All In This Together(Graduation Mix)
High School Musicial

Thursday, February 12, 2009

High School Musicial-Soundtracks[2006]

High School Musical is an Emmy Award-winning American television film, and the first in the High School Musical film franchise . Upon its release on January 20, 2006, it became the most successful movie that Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) ever produced, with a television sequel High School Musical 2 released in 2007 and the feature film High School Musical 3: Senior Year released to theaters in October 2008. It is the first Disney Channel Original Movie to have a theatrical sequel. A fourth installment, High School Musical 4, has been announced to be in the writing stages. The film's soundtrack was the best-selling album in the United States for 2006.

Start Of Something New
Get'cha Head in the Game
What I've Been Looking For
What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)
Stick To The Status Quo
When There Was Me And You
Bop To The Top
Breaking Free
We're All In This Together

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jimi Hendrix-Live At Woodstock[1999]

Live at Woodstock is a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix released on July 6, 1999. The album documents Hendrix's performance with his band Gypsy Sun and Rainbows at Woodstock Festival on August 18, 1969. Many of the tracks on this album were released in 1994 on Woodstock. Apart from the cover of "Gypsy Woman" (The Impressions) an "Mastermind", both of which were sung by rhythm guitarist Larry Lee, Live at Woodstock contains the full set played by the band.

1.Message To Love
2.Hear My Train A Comin
3.Red House
4.Lover Man
5.Foxey Lady
8.Voodoo Child
9.Star Spandglad Banner
10.Purple Haze
11.Woodstock Improvisation
12.Villanova Junction
13.Hey Joe


Jimi Hendrix-Blues[1994]

Blues is a posthumous compilation album by musician Jimi Hendrix, released April 26, 1994 on MCA Records. The album contains eleven blues songs recorded by Hendrix between 1966 and 1970.

Compiled by MCA and released in 1994, Blues was met with surprisingly favorable criticism for a posthumous compilation. The album's critical recognition was met with multiple chart success and selling over 500,000 copies in its first two years of release. On February 6, 2001, Blues was certified platinum in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America.The album was re-released on Experience Hendrix Records in 1998, following the Hendrix family's obtainment of the musician's recordings.

1.Little Wing
2.Bleeding Heart(feat Jim Morrison)
3.Wake Up This Morning And Found Youre Self Dead
4.Red House
6.Let Me Go
7.Outside Woman Blues
8.Voice In The Wind
9.Blues Blues


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sungha Jung-Guitar Prodigy[2007]

Sungha Jung says:
Hi, I’m Sungha Jung from South Korea. My dream is to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist.
I had been watching my dad play the guitar for awhile before I finally jumped on it myself two years ago. I just turned eleven in September, 2007.
Currently, I am taking weekly classical guitar lessons and teaching myself fingerstyle guitar.
I used to not have tabs for the music that I played in my videos. I just listen and pick them up directly from the sound source in videos available on the internet. However, recently, I have started playing with original tabs whenever they are available to me by courtesy of the authors.
My guitar is custom made to fit my body size, and on it, Thomas Leeb wrote "Keep on grooving to my friend."
I’m very grateful to those prominent guitarists who have had a great influence on my guitar playing. I’ll continue to study them and learn more about interpretation of music and various playing techniques.
My daily practice routine lasts for one to two hours when school is open, but I play up to three hours a day during the school breaks.
It usually takes me two to three days to practice and videotape a new piece but sometimes up to a week for more difficult ones.
Last, but certainly not least, I can’t thank Ulli Bögershausen enough for being my musical inspiration.
I have composed two pieces, ’Missing You’ and recently ’Voyages with Ulli.’ And I arranged one of my favorite songs ’Fields of Gold’ by Sting...

1.All You Need Is Love
2.Alone Again, Naturally
3.Besame Mucho
4.Boxer, the
5.Come Together
7.Fields Of Gold
8.I Wil
9.Mad World
10.Mission Impossible Theme
11.Moon River
12.More Than Words
13.Parisienne Walkways
14.Pirates Of The Caribean
15.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
16.Tears In Heaven
17.Third Man Theme
18.Top Of The World
19.Twist In My Sobriety
20Wake Me Up When September Ends
21.When The Children Cry
22.With Or Without You
23.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
24.Your Song Sungha Jung

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Bleach is the debut album by the American alternative rock band Nirvana. It was released on June 15, 1989 through the independent record label Sub Pop. Bleach originally sold a mere 30,000 copies, but following the enormous success of the band's second album, Nevermind (1991), fans discovered Nirvana's poorly known debut. It has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

1. "Blew" – 2:55
2. "Floyd the Barber" – 2:18
3. "About a Girl" – 2:48
4. "School" – 2:42
5. "Love Buzz" (Robbie van Leeuwen) – 3:35
6. "Paper Cuts" – 4:06
7. "Negative Creep" – 2:56
8. "Scoff" – 4:10
9. "Swap Meet" – 3:03
10. "Mr. Moustache" – 3:24
11. "Sifting" – 5:22
12. "Big Cheese" (compact disc and cassette only) – 3:42
13. "Downer" (compact disc only) (Cobain, Krist Novoselic) – 1:43

Track "Youre now you're right
+Guitar Tabs


Pink Floyd-A Momentary Lapse of Reason[1987]

A Momentary Lapse of Reason is Pink Floyd's 1987 album, the band's first release after the departure of Roger Waters from the band in 1985. The album reached #3 on both the U.S. and UK charts. It was released in the UK and the rest of Europe on EMI and on Columbia Records for the rest of the world.

01. Signs Of Life
02. Learning To Fly
03. The Dogs Of War
04. One Slip
05. On The Turning Away
06. Yet Another Movie - Round And Round
07. A New Machine - Part 1
08. Terminal Frost
09. A New Machine - Part 2
10. Sorrow


David Gilmour-About Face[1984]

About Face is the second solo album by the Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, released in March 1984. The album was co-produced by Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour. Two songs were co-written by Gilmour (music) and The Who's Pete Townshend (lyrics), the rest by Gilmour himself. In May of the same year, fellow Floyd counterpart Roger Waters released his first official solo album The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.

1. Until We Sleep
2. Murder
3. Love on the Air
4. Blue Light
5. Out of the Blue
6. All Lovers Are Deranged
7. You Know I'm Right
8. Cruise
9. Let's Get Metaphysical
10. Near the End